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Artist Spotlight - HTX: Chris Lively

Native to Houston, TX, Chris Lively began songwriting in the late 2000’s with a focus on lyricism and melody underpinned by euphonic chording and a blend of folk/blues/Americana-inspired rhythms and instrumentation. His often times hypnotic and dynamic songs can both introspectively calm you and energetically tug at your heart. If they don’t, they’ll at least be stuck in your head.

October 2017 will usher in the release of Lively’s second full-length album, Distance. Replete with spacious vocals, emotive lyrics, layered guitars, and meditative finger-picking, Distance is not a far departure Chris’s previous work. However, the new album contains a unique character and feel that reflect an artist who has certainly evolved and is no stranger to traversing new terrain, both instrumentally and thematically. In addition to featuring diversified instrumentation with performances by other musicians on piano, percussion, violin, and steel guitar, Distance is a soulful and often twangy album that swings as it delicately balances a haunting heaviness with an optimism and almost playful lightheartedness.

Chris has been known to perform in a wide range of venues, including traditional concert stages, coffee houses, art exhibitions, and even yoga studios. He plays both solo and with backing musicians Edward Sanchez (percussion), Scott Sofer (bass), and Joanna Becker (violin).

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