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John Lucas II
Houston Rockets
Player Development Coach
Earl Campbell
#34 Houston Oilers
Running Back
43rd Heisman Trophy Winner
1991 NFL Hall of Fame Inductee
"The idea of the SoberBowl is awesome. I always say the biggest part of my staying sober has been my support system. Family is great, but when you are able to surround yourself with people that are fighting the same battles that you are everyday; you build a network & that becomes very inspirational. I take it one day at a time. You have to thank God for today & pray about tommorrow."
Carl Eller
#81 Minnesota Vikings First Round Draft Pick
NFL Hall of Fame
Ryan Leaf
San Diego Chargers #16
NFL Second Overall Draft Pick
#16 San Diego Chargers
NFL Quarterback
1998 - 2001
"SoberBowl gives everyone the opportunity to have a safe & sober alternative to the status quo of what a Super Bowl party is. Transcend embodies the ideals of Community, Accountability, & Spirituality and that is what this event is all about. AA and my recovery program saved my life and this is our way of infusing that life into a long standing stigma for some positive change
Randy Grimes
#60 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1983 - 1992
"Getting sober is my greatest accomplishment. It was also the hardest to achieve, but through God and recovery, I have learned how to be a man day at a time! Thank you SBSF for creating a safe and sober GAME DAY environment!"
Brandon Mitchell
#98 New England Patriots
Defensive Tackle
Super Bowl Champion XXXVI
New England Patriots 1997-2001
Seattle Seahawks 2002-2004
"Sobriety has taught me a whole new way on how to live. How cool to have a Recovery base party to watch one of the greatest Sporting events!"
Falcons vs Patriots
Eagles vs Patriots
Wide-open Field
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Falcons vs Patriots